Essay on Mental Health And Mental Illness

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I believe mental health and mental illness both have unique definitions that help explain what they are. Personally, members of my family and my friends suffer from mental illnesses, which gave me a unique view on mental health and mental illness. As a social worker, it is important to understand different mental illnesses and how to assess which illness an individual may have. I believe when working in this field, I will have some challenges because people in my family have struggled with mental illnesses. In general, I am excited to take this course and expand my knowledge about mental health and mental illnesses to further my understanding of clients I may encounter. In addition, I hope this course also helps me have a better understanding of my family and friends who suffer from mental illnesses. How a person feels everyday and their common moods, whether it is stable or unstable is how I define mental health. In addition, I believe mental health is an individual’s state of well being and how easy it is for them to cope with daily stressors without it impacting their life negatively. Mental health is how an individual sees themselves and the level of self-respect and confidence they have. I have gathered this personal definition of mental health through personal struggles and also by psychology classes in previous years. I believe mental health is on a spectrum that an individual can move up and down on throughout life. I know that my moods fluctuates depending on…

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