Mental Disorders Case Study

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This student encountered a case involving an 11-year-old Hispanic female, who was brought into services by her mother for school performance issues. According to the girl’s mother, the client is smart but struggles with staying focused on school work in both her school and home environments. The following paper provides a client map of this client’s case, which includes her diagnosis and treatment options. Also, this student presents an analysis of several diagnoses considered during the assessment process to demonstrate the intricacies associated with differentiating diagnostic criteria between various mental disorders.
Initially, this student assigned the client a diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.
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222). When asked about issues relating to focusing and school stress, the client became emotional and seemed to draw a blank when asked to respond. Also, during the formally mentioned activity involving the creation of a pinwheel, the client became visibly anxious when invited to participate in an exercise that required her to focus on a set of instructions. As demonstrated by these two examples, the client meets the criterion for finding it difficult to concentrate, having her mind go blank, and experiencing muscle tension listed in Criteria B in the DSM-5. Interestingly, to diagnosis a child with GAD, only one of these six symptoms listed in the diagnostic criteria section of the DSM-5 needs to be …show more content…
Involvement in a support group might alleviate some of the stress that the mother experiences while trying to help her daughter. From the case description provided, there was no mention of the client’s father or any other family members; so, it can be assumed that the client’s mother is a single parent. During the interview described in the case study, the client mentioned various hobbies of interest. It might be beneficial for the client to become more involved in these hobbies, especially if they included group

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