Essay about Mental And Physical Disabilities Of The Community

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Avila-Garcia 1

Maria G. Avila-Garcia

English II

Mrs. O’Sullivan, Sherry

3 September 2015

Mental and Physical Disabilities

This community has plenty of things to focus on, like work, family and a social life. All of those things should be important to them, yet focusing on people that need help should be something they do as well. There are people that deserve to be helped but almost no one helps them. These people have either mental or physical disabilities that stop them from being happy. People with bad emotional and physical health should have more attention because they get neglected by society, they have economic problems, and they could be pushed to harm themselves. These people should not be going through hard things in their life, when the community can help.

Many people with mental illness are neglected, because the community starts to focus more on things that should not get more attention than mentally ill people. Mental health problems are one of the biggest community issues, yet many of these people do not receive the care they need. Furthermore, there are many types of mental

problems like depression or anxiety disorders that need attention on (Bristol). On the other hand, people with physical disabilities go through the same struggles yet get more attention. This is believed to happen because mental problems often become physical ones. However mental concerns should be be helped. Anyone of these illnesses can affect any area of one’s life.…

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