Mensa Inc. Business Strategic Management Essay

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Mensa Situational Analysis:
Mensa Inc. 5 year business strategic plan will comprise of numerous reconstruction efforts in order to address the major strategic management issues faced by the company. The company has issues with the development of numerous poorly executed strategic plans with high operating cost, poor resource management, and the inability to gain adequate financial control. The packaging sector was once the cash cow for Mensa, but the lack of competitors in the industry and growing pressure from customers resulted in a negative competitive position. Mensa once invested in numerous businesses (communication, appliances, etc.) but sold off many due to poor human resources and financial issues. The company underestimated the value of the businesses by $250 million; cash needed to reinvest in other promising businesses with hopes of generation of positive cash flow.

Issues Facing the Company: Mensa is now operating in four different sectors to include financial services, energy, packaging and forest production. The businesses have different demand and growth rates and some will lag behind in long-term revenue. The company will be challenged in areas such as research and development, production and finances, in order to achieve sustained profitability for the next five years. In the future, some of the businesses will be faced with the challenge of expansion and competition/rivalry from larger competitors and industry giants. The goal for long term…

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