Memories From The Other Lessons Essay

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In the article titled Memories from the Other: Lessons in Connecting the author takes the reader on a journey as he reflects on his educational experience as a student afflicted by learning differences. His story illustrates an educational system that creates the ‘other’ and works to marginalize ‘at risk’ students with learning differences (Knestrict, 2006). Early on, Knestrict was labeled as different (other); thus, placed on a slower academic track void of positive connections, which he suggests resulted in feelings of marginalization at an early age. Educators ultimately reinforced his feeling with such expressions as your lazy, incapable, learning disabled, and you are not college material. The author states, “The overwhelming message I received every day was that I was different, not as good, and defective” (Knestrict, 2006, p. 3). Subsequently, the internalization of these negative messages encumbered the development of Knestrict’s construction of self. In the end he viewed these messages as truths (self-fulfilling prophecy); thus, his self-image ultimately reflected such belief.
Application of Theory Knestrict’s story highlights both the danger and damage of labeling, separation, and segregation in an academic setting. He reinforces his belief by drawing from Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs philosophy, which connotes human connections as a crucial element of child development (Knestrict, 2006). These essentials incorporate safety, belongingness, self-esteem, and…

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