The Childhood Event

The Childhood event is the one thing I never could forget. Sometimes I wished I can go back to that wonderful moments, in my life. When I was eleven, I did many crazy things, and one of them was the riding motorbike and one ambition also wanted to be a racer. I was crazy about speed, so I ride a bike as fast I can but I had to pay a big price for that. In that year, I learned it was not for me, and it is too dangerous for me and others.
In my childhood, I was so passionate about motorbikes, so in my early ages I started to ride motorbikes. You have to be at least nineteen years old to get a license, but I do not care about that. I was in India at that time, so there was no police checking like in USA; most of the young people ride bikes without
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No one got hurt or anything serious, but police came and charged me. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. They informed my parents, so they had to come to the police station. Both parties come to a compromise because no one was injured, and paid the full amount of the damage. We had to pay a fine to the government for riding a vehicle without a license; also, there were no charges against me because I was a minor. That incident changed my whole life around. It was a hard time for me, and my parents were disappointed in me and I had to go to the police station for the first and last time in my life. I made a bad choice in my life. It would become a bad accident, but I thank God nothing happened, or and no lives were lost. I put my life at great risk and did not even think about my family and friends. I even put others ' lives in danger. With that incident, my whole mindset changed. I learned many things. On that day, I realized that with my bad choice I was not only risking my life, but also putting others surrounding me in danger. I made a bad choice, and I thought it was the most fun and cool thing to do, but I had to pay the price for that. On that day I decided not to do any stupid, illegal things in my

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