Recipe For Failure Narrative

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The Recipe for Disaster
My first memory that I remember is when I messed up. I was around four years old when I tried to be cool and follow in my brother’s footsteps. My brother Dustin and I were riding bikes outside doing tricks and having fun. He would do a trick and I would try and copy him. Usually I could do what he did, so up until after “the accident” happened, I paid no attention to the thought that I wasn’t able to do what he did. The difference between us and our bikes were that he was older and knew what he was doing and also his bike was better while I was just trying to copy him also my bike had training wheels that were still on them which made my bike inferior to his. When he went first up the curb of the street that we
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When I let go of the bike, I slid off the seat of the bike and landed backwards onto the cement road and cracked my head open. All I remember after sliding off the seat is somebody yelling for my dad and him putting a wet wash cloth on the crack in my head. After that I only remember when we arrived at the hospital and the doctor had to put around 9 staples in my head. During the procedure, the only thing I can recall is the terrible pain and silent screams that were uttering out of my mouth.

Chapter 1
The first memory of my family that I can recall, besides my first injury, is my first ice fishing experience with my dad and brother. It was warm, winter day, and the sun was glistening off of the snow, when my dad came up with the decision to go ice fishing. My brother and I both replied in unison with an absolute yes. My thoughts were that it was better than being stuck inside all day. In the preparation of the trip, my brother and I got on our warmest boots, hats, and gloves, then we put on our snowsuit, and on top of that our jackets, like frosting on a cake. When we got outside, we found that our
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The setting is in Rice Lake, WI during the wintertime, out in my backyard, on the lake. I remember family members and family friends coming over to watch a Super Bowl featuring the Packers vs. another team, but I can’t remember the name of the other team. My brother, my two “cousins”, their names are Dale and Julie, and me went outside and took turns driving the ATV on the icy lake. My brother went first, then Dale, then me, and finally Julie. Dustin performed the best out of the four of us and Julie performed the worst, she almost flipped the

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