Essay on Megan Meier : A Teenage Life Filled With Friends

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Megan Meier was a 13 year old teenager living in Missouri. Meier wasn’t enjoying a normal teenage life filled with friends. Instead, Meier battled loneliness and depression because she was obese and for years had tried to lose weight. She also had attention deficit disorder. Meier’s dark and depressed days were finally over when she made a friend through her MySpace account named Josh. Josh was the most friendly, and cute boy she ever met. Moreover, he was the first boy who called her pretty. As a result, Meier fell deeply in love with Josh and created a close bond with him. Suddenly, Josh started to avoid Meier and wanted to end his friendship with her. Furthermore, he suddenly started to post messages taunting Meier, calling her "fat" and a "slut." Why was Josh doing this to Meier? Why had the nice and friendly Josh changed so much? It turned out this Josh was not a boy, even more shockingly she was Meier’s classmate’s mother, Lori Drew. She became close with Meier under false pretenses in order to know whether or not Meier was gossiping about her own daughter. Clearly, Meier did not have any clue of this prank. Meier could not take the bullying anymore and hanged herself in her bedroom. Megan Meier died the next day, three weeks before her 14th birthday. Unfortunately, no criminal charges could not be filed against Lori Drew who created Josh Evans since there were no laws drafted to criminalize these kinds of behavior (“25 Most Shocking Crimes in Social Media History”…

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