Student Organization Meeting Reflection

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On September 6, 2016 I attended the Leaders in Family Education (LIFE) professional student organization meeting. The meeting was located in Matthews Hall 311, there we were told about the main goals of LIFE, how to join, and how we would benefit from participating in this organization. We also enjoyed a presentation on hearing loss vs. deafness lead by representatives from the Speech and Hearing Sciences program at UNT. I found out about this opportunity through my classes and thought that it sounded like a great first step into becoming involved with my major, which is Human Development and Family Studies. The hearing loss vs. deafness presentation also sparked my interest, as I thought it would beneficial to me to learn more about what kinds …show more content…
There are so many different ways to gain experience that I never knew about, attending this meeting really helped me start to think about what I need and should do to gain that experience. I learned that simply just joining an organization can be the first step into furthering your future, and that really stood out to me. I will be able to apply this to my future career and current education by understanding that in order to succeed in my professional goals and education I have to be the one to take charge and do something that benefits me in the long run. That can either be volunteering to put myself out there or getting an internship to show that I am ready to work and want to work. I learned that there are so many opportunities out there just waiting to be taken, and that I need to take these opportunities if I want to become successful. While I enjoyed partaking in LIFE I did not make a connection with anyone that could aid with my professional goals yet, although I am sure that it will happen if I start putting myself out there more and begin networking as I become more comfortable in the group. Through all the volunteer work I hope to do with LIFE I am certain that I will make connections that will be beneficial to me, having said that I do plan to join this organization and look forward to working with and getting to know all of the people that I’ll come in contact with in the

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