What Makes Mediocre Movies

Entertainment plays an important role in people 's lives. New movies are constantly being released, whether it is in theaters or on DVD. Personally, I am a movie fanatic. I love spending my time and money to watch the latest flick. Now sometimes these movies can be great, but often times the film is mediocre or even terrible. Classifying movies into three distinct categories, fantastic, mediocre, and terrible, can help people everywhere determine what movies they need to watch. Motion pictures are a great way to entertain company.
Fantastic movies need a great storyline, realistic visual effects, and suitable actors. I believe that in order to have a successful movie, it needs an easy to follow yet mind blowing storyline. If movies get to
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Mediocre films are much weaker in their storyline compared to fantastic movies. Decent motion pictures often times are easy to follow along with the plot, but they are missing the mind blowing factor. For example, Something Borrowed was a mediocre film because it never had the mind-boggling moment. This movie was very easy to follow along with, which is why I consider it mediocre. Now obviously the visual effects in mediocre films are not as strong as those in fantastic movies. There still needs to be some sort of visual effect, even if it’s not very good. Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed is one of my favorite movies, but I consider it mediocre because the visual effects are unrealistic. Not all films can afford the best actors. George of the Jungle 2 hired a different actor to play the main role of George. The new actor did a decent job, but because he was so different than the original actor it made it very hard to like the movie. A plot, somewhat interesting visual effects and decent actors make a mediocre …show more content…
Movies are constantly being created just to satisfy the need for entertainment. Motion pictures can be fantastic, mediocre, or just terrible. I love to watch any type of film, but fantastic movies are my absolute favorite. The storyline in these movies is incredible because they keep viewers on their toes anticipating what is going to happen next. With today’s technology, visual effects are looking very realistic. Big time actors can improve the movie. Fantastic, mediocre, and terrible are three very distinct categories that movies can be classified into to help people determine what movies they need to

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