Medieval Europe : A Direct Continuation Of Ancient Rome Essay

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There are academic claims suggesting that Medieval Europe is a direct continuation of Ancient Rome. Through the evidence found within the given text, there seems to be a similar correlation between such cultures, specific using the historical context provided. Examples of the given historical contexts for both cultures would be: architectural development, visual elements (such as painting or tapestries), statues, and written products. Due to the uniqueness of each culture, one will notice that are major similarities between the historical contact provided, however there are also major differences, simply because there is a correlation between the ideas used to develop the product, however the actual product itself is not necessarily similar. Both The Ancient Roman culture and Medieval Europe was formed through the idea and concept of violence and victory. For instance, within Rome, Josephus (Jewish Historian) developed literature called “Description of the Roman Army” that passionately described Ancient Rome’s vicious army that was essential the aspect of Rome that caused great fear and respect from those who fought against the empire. Within this specific piece of literature, Josephus describes the “superior organization and discipline” of the Roman army (Fiero, 140). After analyzing this piece, which contained description of the heroism and extreme power of the soldiers within the Army, I was reminded of the Medieval Literature, “Song of Roland”. Within the Song of…

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