Rhetorical Analysis Of Medicine's Future By Daniel Kraft

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Daniel Kraft's presentation," Medicine's Future? There's an App for that," was presented in front of a TED talk audience in April of the year 2011. It has been almost seven years now since his presentation, but his topic is still very relevant to this day. Through his presentation Kraft wanted to inform his audience about the new technological advances that are innovating the medical field. Throughout his presentation he put an emphasis on the exponential growth of new technologies and how they should be leveraged to the advantage of the medical field. He believes that the new technologies that are being developed have the potential of creating new medical devices that are "faster, smaller, cheaper, and better." Which could lead to the " …show more content…
To begin with, the fact that he was invited to speak on a TED talk means that he has to be an expert or he conducted research on the topic he is presenting to the audience. In the beginning of the presentation, he said that he was a track share for the medicine portion for Singularity University based in Silicon Valley, California. At the time he was participating in many of the university's programs that brought together many students to do research on how technology could become more integrated into the medical field. This shows that Daniel Kraft has in fact been a part of research that investigates technology's new role in the medical field; thus, giving his presentation more credibility. During the presentation he referenced many labs like Berkeley Bionics and Stanford Labs as the sources of the new devices he was referring to and this heightens his credibility as Berkley and Stanford are very prestigious institutions of education. The last thing he mentioned in his presentation that confirmed his high level of reputability, is the fact that he mentioned he was an oncologist and has been a witness to how technology was making advances in the study of cancer in 2011. The purpose for Kraft's presentation was to inform the audience on the important role that technology plays in the advancement of the medical

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