Essay on Medicine Walk By Richard Of Alcohol Abuse

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Alcoholism is defined as an addiction to the indulgence of alcoholic liquor and the compelling behaviour which results from alcohol dependency. In the novel Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese the reasoning behind repression of alcohol abuse are evident through characters Eldon Starlight. The reason for his alcoholism is traumatic and its effects both himself and those around him which causes greater harshness. Eldon begins drinking after he was forced to leave his home as his mother chose her abusive husband over him. Meanwhile Eldon’s alcoholism arises after he kills his only friend to ensure his own survival. From Alcohol abuse Eldon suffers from liver failure which results in an early death. Likewise Eldon’s drinking habit effects Franklin as it is the reason for Eldon not raising him and ruining the few childhood memories that they do share and experience. Eldon returns home drunk when Angie is about to give birth and this ultimately leads to her death. While addiction to alcohol caused problems regarding family relations, it is also evident from the negative impact on Eldon’s body and overall health. Behind alcoholics lies a tragic story or dilemma as to why they beg on this obsessive habit as a tool to encounter their situations. Eldon alcoholism also starts due to a stressful event in his life when Eldon discovered that his mother’s new husband, Jenks, was abusing her. A fierce argument started between both of them and Eldon’s best friend Jimmy settled with Jenks…

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