Medical Treatment For Australia 's Health Care System Essay

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Within society, different cultures perceive health and illness differently. Cultural understandings play a vital role in determining what is health and what is illness. Throughout history, society has had its own ways of dealing with mental illness, however one thing has remained constant. The treatment of mental illness has been considered a social problem for many years. This essay will determine if mental illness is a social problem by firstly delving into how mental illness was treated in history, looking at the social conditions asylum seekers are parting from and the conditions they are subjected to in detention centres and the contribution such conditions have on mental illness. Lastly this essay will discuss the medical treatment available for refuges in Australia and how accessible these are in relation to Australia’s health care system.

Many years ago, before the colonisation of Australia, Indigenous Australians had their own way of nursing and caring for their kin (Kralik & Van Loon, 2011.) However, it becomes difficult to determine their ways of practice and points of view in regards to the mentally ill as there is almost no documentation of this era. The only available documents contain information about the circumstances of the nurses (Kralik & Van Loon, 2011). Throughout the nineteenth century, non indigenous people settling in Australia brought their treatments for caring for the sick with them. The main difference being, caring for people in their own…

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