Medical Marijuan The Controversy Essay

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Medical Marijuana: The Controversy
Marijuana is often called morally and socially wrong, but can we possibly change the public views through medical use? Marijuana is often called a “gateway drug” and users are called “stoners” and “bums.” Time and new research has altered standard public outlook on this widely controversial topic. As time goes on, new research will come out and the younger generations will grow larger, so how will views shift in the future? In my essay, I plan to investigate and broaden my knowledge on the subject, looking over what politics and society has to say about this moral and physical opinion.
To start my investigation into this matter, I looked up the definitions of marijuana and what the difference between it is medically and recreationally. Marijuana is defined by the Webster 's Dictionary as “the dried leaves of the hemp plant used as a narcotic or hallucinogen.” The National Institute of Drug Abuse defines marijuana as “a greenish-gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves and flowers of the plant Cannabis sativa.” The term medical is defined as “of or relating to the treatment of diseases or injuries.” The word recreational is defined as “done for enjoyment” and is alternatively defined as “used for pleasure instead of medicinal purposes” when being connected to drug use. When combining the terms “medical” and “marijuana” it refers to the use of cannabis as a form of therapy recommended by a physician.
The differences between medical and…

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