Medical History : An Interview Revealed That Ben Was Diagnosed With T1dm At Age Four

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Medical history
An interview reveals that Ben was diagnosed with T1DM at age four. His diabetes was well controlled until two years ago. His last appointment for diabetes assessment was two months previously wherein results of his Haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) was 64 mmol/mol or 8.0 %. His next HbA1c assay is scheduled in a month. This is logical as HBA1c is a laboratory procedure that determines the amount of glucose attached to the haemoglobin molecule—through a non-enzymatic process—over two to three months (R. R. Little & Roberts, 2009). The target HbA1c for well controlled diabetes is less than 7% (J. W. Little et al., 2013a; R. R. Little & Roberts, 2009). This indicates that Ben is above the recommended target and may have uncontrolled diabetes. However, glycaemic control is individualised and cannot be concluded based on one reading. Therefore, a referral to his attending physician is necessary to verify Ben’s diabetes status (J. W. Little et al., 2013a). To manage his diabetes, he uses daily injections of short-acting insulin in the morning and a rapid-acting insulin at meal times. Ben reports frequent thirst (polydipsia) and feelings of tiredness. These are some of the cardinal signs and symptoms of diabetes which includes polyuria (frequent urination), polyphagia (frequent hunger), frequent infections and weight loss (J. W. Little et al., 2013a). Ben will be instructed to inform the author as soon as he experiences these symptoms during this and his future appointments…

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