Medical Ethics Case Study Paper

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Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 1

Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator
Melody Hambright
MO 215-8: Ethics and Health Information Management
Alana Stephens, Instructor
Herzing University
April 22, 2012

Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 2


Medical Records Administrators and health information professionals’ roles are intimately related to the use of various information technologies that gather and store data and perform sophisticated analyses. The incorporation of new technologies to support the work of these a specialist, particularly the internet and
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One illustration on dying patients feel the right to refuse certain medical services as a result of personal religious beliefs, which is not to accept any medical surgery. Plus, there are medical staff members to refuse medical services. Dying patients do not have insurance for medical staff to receive help the nursing home, which is preventing from losing any money when medical staff do not provide services to non-insured patient. Another example would be the Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) directives. Some patients do not have their consent in written form, which it can be hard for the hospital to abide with the dying patients’ wishes.
The physician's responds to the nursing home's mission statement in various medical ethics case studies’ scenarios to abide by their oath, which is giving services as high quality patients’ care. High quality patients’ care is depending on the physician for compassion about the dying patient and their right to die. The physician is balancing the nursing home's mission statement, which is based on his or her personal belief to interpret the mission statement.
In other words, the nursing home is dealing with other organizations such as the Love Ones To
Die With Dignity. According to Toe, the nursing home had a case in the dying patients’ room, where the Elderly Society Well is in taking custody of

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