Media 's Influence On The Media Essay

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Have you ever recognized why most of the main characters in movies and televisions shows ethnicity is white? “Whites were more likely to be portrayed as police officers on television (73%) than to be employed as officers in Los Angeles and Orange counties (53%). Given the confidence interval of 6% on either side of the estimate of white television officers on the news, this is a statistically significant 20 percentage-point difference” (Dixon Travis). Certain ethnicities are depicted as lower individuals in the American media, making it an issue of racism within the media.
The one way we can determine the meaning about race and ethnicity is through the media spotlight. Alison Trope, who is clinical professor of the undergraduate studies in the School for Communication says, “Media plays an influential role in shaping how we think about and enact race in our everyday lives” (Trope). While, racial discrimination has improved within our society, the inequality and injustice still stand. The media plays a huge factor in where the problems lie concerning racism in the media. By looking and understanding the big picture, we come to recognize that the media creates meaning about race and ethnicity. This helps us understand the way we portray everything in our everyday lives.
Efforts are made everyday to combat the issues with different racial and ethnic groups being treated differently in the media area. “Yet despite these efforts, the issue of racial/ethnic, working class, and…

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