Essay on Media 's Influence On American Politics

747 Words Jul 17th, 2016 3 Pages
News media has changed over time and has played a big role and influence in American politics, either by attracting supporters, criticizing candidates, etc. Media has immense power within the American democracy because every Americans can get their news from the media. Media coverages shapes how Americans have perceived the world and what they consider to be important. The media today is more diffuse and chaotic than ever as there are billions of web pages, millions of blogs, hundreds of cables and satellite radio stations. And most Americans have moved to a much more digital existence that can gain access to all the news media through their smartphones and access to the computer. The news media in the internet has a lot of influences that effect American politics, as people are now selective users or viewers. People can choose which political candidate to follow or donate to support. There is also the share button for political news articles that people can share on their social media to advertise and let other be informed on what is going on with recent politics. Then they can also connect to other users who share the same political views as themselves. As it may also increase the influence of extreme views in the political debate. The news media in the internet, can also let users know about upcoming events, such as town hall meetings or political events that may be happening. There is also a wider range of political views in the internet rather than on the newspaper and…

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