Media 's Impact On Advertising Essay

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Advertising has been around since the very early days of society. The invention of the printing press and the development of mass media distribution, such as posters and newspapers, has assisted in the growth of advertising, and the advent of technology has strengthened the dissemination of thoughts and ideals throughout the years. As television extensively starts being adopted by families, concern over how advertising approaches children has taken place. Furthermore, the inception and explosive growth of the internet plus the creation of many kid-oriented websites, following the increase of unsupervised access to computers, tablets and many other technological items, has generated more opportunities for youth to be exposed to marketing. Advertising in the general media can be easily tracked and regulated, but the online world generates uncountable possibilities for advertisers. Immersive advertising, which is the technique of using product placement in games and mobile apps, deliberately aims to persuade users who are usually not aware that they are being exposed to propaganda. Online advertising has been increasingly targeting children, who often cannot distinguish it from the actual content and are easily influenced by what they see, which is why federal regulations should be implemented, and teachers and parents should work together to encourage critical thinking.
The growth of the use of technology at a very young age has increased the abuse of online advertisers who…

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