Essay about media violence

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In the past, storytelling was the only means of passing information from the original source to the new generation. However, storytelling was only limited to those individuals that had access to the storyteller and they would have firsthand information before it was passed on to others and distorted. This gave a need to record stories in a more convenient way to ensure that the next generations would receive the message in the original non-distorted state. It is for this reason that saw evolution of message conveyance from complete dependence on human brains to a recorded form. As technology advanced, there was introduction of films. As the film industry grew, there was excitement as films even went to extreme point of
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Kids might involve themselves in violent games so that they can be up to bar with their friends who would love them to be violent along with them. Stress could also compel a kid to get involved in a violent game. The kid might feel that to relieve stress, he or she should do something that is more entertaining than just a normal smooth game.
It is further evident that there is correlation between playing violent games and the number of physical fights that teenagers involve themselves into. This is also true on children who exhibit aggressive traits and high stress levels. It was, however, argued that the video games did not influence the violent behavior of individuals but rather those who were already violent were attracted to video games and movies for only the fact that they could relate with the games and movies characters.
In a bid to try and minimize effect and exposure of violence to kids through the television, there has been a rule that prohibits indecent content on TV until 10.00 p.m. (Belson 1978). However, this does very little or nothing to limit access to the same as kids stay up late and watch television up to 11.00 Pm. It is during this time that TV are concentrated with all indecent stuff and hence the law end up achieving very little or even to some point, end up achieving nothing as far as controlling is concerned.
After concerns were raised about the type of material that was

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