Media Violence : Violence And Violence Essay

2170 Words Oct 10th, 2016 9 Pages
Media Violence Adolescents and teens made up over ten percent of the U.S. population in 2005, but were responsible for almost thirty percent of the single-offender and about forty percent of multiple-offender violent crimes (Escobar-Chavez). Statistics like these leave people wondering what is going wrong with the youth in America. The youth of today have already received a bad reputation from older generations. There are many suggestions as to why the youth are doing such heinous things. Some say it is lack of respect, violence they are exposed to, or the way they are raised. The violence the youth experience is the one talked about most often. A lack of respect for others and not being raised in a healthy environment can increase the risk of future violence. One of the biggest accusations for teen aggression and violence is media violence. This has been a fairly controversial issue in society for many years now. People usually think that media violence has a negative impact, it is good to not shelter your children to violence, or they are indifferent to its effects. There are research and facts that prove media violence serves as a catalyst for aggression in children and adolescents. Television and movie violence are the most researched forms of violence. Violence is a form of aggression that usually ends in physical injury. The talk of television violence has been a hot topic for about half a century. Even with the discussion of this for the past fifty years, many…

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