Media Violence Effect On Youth Essay

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Media Violence Effect on Youth
In today’s society media violence has significantly increased along with societal violence in youth. This has caused many dramatic issues within society how the youth is effected as they grow up in all of this. Many researchers have shown a lot of research in this area because the youth is the being future and with a corrupt youth there bound to be a corrupt future. Many things affect are kids even things we do not think is bad or even media violence, and combining this with a young mind and his friends minds can be a catastrophe in some cases. Along with this be a possibility there is even more things in the future and now that will worsen the effects and number of media violence we see in our daily lives. As technology evolves and becomes more and more available to everyone all the way down to the poor the people see more and more societal issues. Now saying societal issue or violence does not mean mass shootings, Grand Theft Auto or anything of major crimes of sort. Children are more likely to develop other issue due to it being the major time of brain development in their life which on average does not stop tell about age twenty-five. Making this a very important time in their lives because what they learn and perceive during these development stages is what is played out through their lives typically. Although this is true, scientists studying this research have not actually proven statistically because violence in society has dropped 43%…

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