Media Violence And Violence

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Media Violence, to some they are just simple words, but to me they scream out the destruction of young minds. As the years go by media violence is seen as less of a problem, but that only proves how much of a hold it has on society. The media’s portrayal of violence has resulted in many individuals becoming addicted to violent creations causing them to believe violence is a key factor in our society. Humanity is gradually accepting violence, due to mass Media’s numbing viewers, who are harmfully affected by the negative images. In several situations the media can be hold accountable for praising violent behavior. In that since, media seems to be encouraging violence instead of supporting peace. (Beresin, 1) As a result, everyday children …show more content…
(Media Influences on children and adolescents: Violence and Sex)
Due to this there has been extensive research on the relationship between televised violence and violent behavior among youth over the past 30 years. Television violence and the presence of TV’s in American homes have increased tremendously over the years. In 1950, only 10% of American homes had a television, today that number has skyrocketed to 99%. In fact more families have televisions than telephones. Over half of all children have a TV set in there room. This gives a greater opportunity for children to view programs without parental supervision. (Frarcci, 1) As a result, an average American child spends around 28 hours in front of a television a week. In that time they could have watched around 200,000 acts of violence before he/she becomes a teenager. With televisions broad range of violence these act’s aggression can be seen anywhere, like the news. The news shows real life violence, like the bombing of the twin towers. They would also watch “reality” TV where people are seen committing wild acts of violence while the camera depicts it as it, supposedly, happens. (Frarcci,
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The evidence shows that if the television had not been invented, today there would be 10,000 fewer killings each year and that’s just in the United States. There would also be 700,000 fewer rapes, and 700,000 assaults. It’s important to remember that media does not force violence on children, but it sets a standard for what may be considered normal and acceptable in our society. In media individuals can witness acts of violence in cartoons, sports, sitcoms, and make them question if violence is normal. (Media influences on children and adolescents: Violence and

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