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Media Violence and Aggressive Behavior Monica Suzanne B. Castro #21856730 Submitted for SSC130BB: Essentials of Psychology January 25, 2014 Research project #05020500 Media Violence and Aggressive Behavior Introduction In the early 1960s Albert Bandura conducted his famous “Bobo Doll” experiments, in which children were shown videos of someone attacking a plastic clown known as a Bobo doll (Isom, 1998). Many of the children exposed to

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A child who repeatedly witnesses violent acts may begin to lash out aggressively, believing that it is the proper way to behave. For example, a child who repeatedly witnesses an abusive father is more likely to become abusive in the future (Isom, 1998).
Parents play a dual role in the development of children. First, they serve as role models for those children who show them how to behave towards others. Second, they correct children when they misbehave. Even if children are exposed to violent images, either in the media or elsewhere, parents can step in and explain that the behavior is inappropriate and how it negatively impacts others. In this way the effect of media violence can be mitigated. A child who views aggressive behavior and then imitates it, must be mad to understand the negative consequences of such actions.
While it is true that parents cannot watch children every minute of every day and that media reaches into areas of a child’s life that parents aren't always a part of, parents can still influence the child’s behavior. By firmly establishing models of behavior in the earliest part of life, children can understand that violent behavior is aberrant rather than normal. Furthermore, even though the behavior may be viewed as “cool” be peers, parents can make an effort to convey the negative aspects of such actions for the perpetrator and victims.

The Role of Society
The overwhelming number of violent images is
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