Media Influence On Mass Media

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Mass media has always imposed great influence on youths and adolescents, with the outstanding popularity of social media in this generation impacting America in both positive and negative ways. From print media, such as magazines and newspapers, to digital media, like banner ads and social media, it seems nearly impossible to escape the effects of mass media in this day and age. The changes in the behavior and outlook of people towards life are attributable to the negative psychological effects of media. Many people believe that what is depicted by the media is true and acceptable, altering their judgment, and causing altercations. Mass media and its influence on society have grown exponentially with the advance of technology, and not always …show more content…
In present era of globalization, the majority of people in society depend on information and communication to remain connected with the world and do our daily activities like work, entertainment, health care, education, and socialization. The basic functions of mass media are to provide a source for news and information, entertainment as well as education. Through mass media, news outlets have a major influence on the general public and a major impact on the public 's opinion on certain topics. People need news/information for various reasons, on one hand it can be used to socialize and on the other to make decisions and formulate opinions. In many cases, the mass media is the only source that the general public relies on for news. For example, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969, mass media made it possible for the public to witness this historical event. Entertainment would be the other function of the mass media where it is primarily used by the masses to amuse them in an otherwise hectic environment. Mass media also plays a critical role in educating the masses about their rights, moral, social and religious obligations. The Internet also plays an essential role in educating the general public. With the information on the Internet, one could learn anything from something as simple as how to tie a tie, to the more complex, like how to build a computer or learn a language. Advances in technology such as these allow endless possibilities, with only more to

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