Media Bias And The Media Essay

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Being addressed for over the last decade, many Democrats believe there is no media bias, yet Republicans do believe of a media bias. Yes, media bias is prevalent and a problem. Media outlets hold a bias for the democratic party, why else would democrats not believe in a bias? The media uses their powers to influence the elections with a democratic controlled media, a conservative belief of bias and little objectivity. Our country is provided with false information and bias in the news. Democrats run the media. For example - in 2012, when interviewing President Obama 60 Minutes never referenced his past problems in college. They only mentioned what He had a done in politics. Likewise, in an interview with CBS - Mitt Romney was attacked for his past problems both in politics and life. (Bozzell) Pro-Obama media did not grill Obama as frequently as they did Romney and Obama was not under as vast as spotlight as Romney. (Continetti) This evidence allows for a great belief in the fact that there is some media bias. Much of the support pointed towards a media bias is written by Conservatives. If we apply objectivity, though, is there still a bias media presence? Fox News tends to favor conservatives while CNN tends to favor liberals. This constant balancing act between the news networks allows the argument to be held for media bias being combined on a level playing field. Even on the internet we see an even-balance of media, especially with different blogs being written by the…

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