Media And Social Responsibility Of Media Essay

951 Words Apr 8th, 2016 4 Pages
In analyzing the textbook over the semester, I have noticed two major themes that the authors have emphasized. The first being that media should be used as a means of encouraging discussion of issues and pushing for social change, rather than financial gains and the second being that media should contain a great amount of diversity and should present the viewpoints of a wide array of groups, instead of just a majority of viewers. These two themes create a bias in what the authors believe media should do to address the problems that it is currently faced with, such as large scale consolidation of media outlets. In the author’s ideal world media would be controlled by many independent companies that each displayed varying ideas and beliefs and worked for the good of society and democracy, rather than economic success. The central issue that the textbook has taken in-depth look at is the struggle between the social responsibility of the media to create content that benefits democracy and economic pursuits that commonly result in the avoidance of certain controversial topics in order to preserve revenue. This struggle can be seen in many forms throughout the textbook. It can be seen in the segmentation of the media, the consolidation of the media industry into a few major corporations, or the alteration of content to please advertisers. All of these actions effectively minimize the media’s ability to be a vehicle of social change. These actions greatly contradict the desires of…

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