Media And Media Influence On The Media Essay

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The media plays a key role in current politics, and more people are tuning in to their TVs and computers to get the latest scoop; however, at the same time an unprecented number of people are coming forth and declaring the media as biased and untrustworthy (Kiener, par. 1). My point of view is this, that the more that networks cater to their viewers the more audience attention they will receive. There is much reliance on the media for the spreading of information, therefore the media controls a form of power. Additionally, media can choose what they want to broadcast which is often linked to their view. In fact, most of the media’s role is in the form of reporting events (Lenz and Holman 150). The ability to determine what people see and how they feel about what they are witnessing derives from how reporters present the event. Polls are another form of reporting and can influence the way people perceive an issue. There are many roles of media, but the length of this paper will be discussing the educative role, specifically how current media outlets are educating and interpreting the “Black Lives Matter” Movement. To begin with, the media will report on news that they believe will bring in the most views, which translates to more money from advertisements (Norton, “American National Government). The reason that Blacks Lives Matter is so often reported on is because of its controversial nature, the more controversial the more watchers or readers. Likewise, the more the…

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