Essay on Media And Its Impact On Society

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The media is known as a major institution in society and plays a critical role when comes to certain subjects that matters. We can all conclude that the media provides us about who we are as a nation and also have the power to present, prevent, and affect information that is critical towards society. The media affect racism on the way they depicted individuals of the society. This can be presented in many different factors such as criminal activity, religion and several other topics. Also, the specific words used while presenting information about a particular race can affect the way society view each other. For example, saying "They" were the criminals; "they" were dirty, unkempt; "they" caused trouble and disease. Using the word “they” would be generalizing against the whole entire race. In reference to the 9/11 attack on the United States, the media pained a picture that anyone of a brown skin color or wore garments commonly worn in the middle east or south Asia were considered a terrorist.

According to the YouTube Video, “What Needs to Change in Media’s Portrayal of Race”, the woman presenting her thoughts were interesting in regards to the way the media describes African Americans who are poor and the ones who are financially stable or wealthy. She stated, “that there are some people that believe because of value differences we are not the same race”. The journalism article presents information that are bias towards society. The journalistic report was stating that…

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