Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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As part of their ideology, media has a central approach to inform the public on current events – the question then becomes what those current events are that matter the most to the public. In turn, the primary question is who decides what the public considers most important. In a democratic republic, it is politicians and legislators who decide what the public considers important because it is politicians who decide what laws to pass and what laws to put down. Getting across that “why” message from politicians and legislators to the public is the critical point because media seems to only transmits what it deems newsworthy rather than important. It is through the media that a democratic ideal is lost, and in looking through the information process one can see that information is not only filtered but it is put down as it goes through media corporations. This filtering of information affects many areas, in particular the democratic realm where it is life changing decisions that affect republics across the world. While this loss of information is apparent in the democratic realm, one can wonder in what other areas are perceptions demeaned and belittled to the point where the public has no recollection of their happenings.
The role of information is vital when one considers public reception. Information is only important to the public if the public is positively receptive of information – that is, if the information is to the public’s liking. The delivery of that…

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