Essay about Meat, Jaws, And Digestive System Favor A Fleshless Diet

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Our teeth, jaws, and digestive system favor a fleshless diet. Not only do we humans suffer from eating meat but so does the animals. Meat companies have no mercy towards their animals, which are only brought into this world to be slaughtered a couple of months later. Sadly, the environment suffers just as much as the animals when it comes to meat production and animal-based product productions. Meat represents an unsustainable food source in this world. Huge amounts of waste of water and space go into appeasing the American population’s hunger for meat. Raising animals and farming their food takes a lot more land than growing crops for the human population. Meateaters take up almost eighteen times the land that vegans do when it comes to producing food. Tying up so much land to grow meat instead of vegetables is not a sustainable way of living because the amount of food we produce is significantly lower than the number of vegetables we could harvest to feed a greater percentage of the population. Water waste is also an important factor in the production of meat all over America. About two thousand gallons of water go into the production per pound of beef depriving many of clean drinking water. We cannot forget the health risks that meat poses. Farmers raise animals on antibiotics and GMOs, and transferring those harmful chemicals directly to the humans consuming the meat. Eating animal proteins has been shown in studies to raise a person 's risk of developing cancer,…

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