Essay on Meaning of Intelligence and Adaptive Behavior

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Introduction to Intellectual Disability
Tracey Tunstall
Grand Canyon University: SPE 351
August 5, 2012

Introduction to Intellectual Disability Students with Intellectual Disabilities are often stereotyped, misjudged and sometimes never learn to their full potential. There are many educators that will say that these students cause too many problems and you must have more than enough patience to work with the students. The teachers that were interviewed have been teaching for the past 25 years and have seen the ups and downs of teaching special needs students as well as general education students. A successful teacher does not come to class everyday to teach, they come to be mentors, parents, teachers, friends and so much
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There is a point system that is used to determine how the students are placed. Students that are identified with an Intellectual Disability must have significant problems in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior. Once a determination is made that a student has an ID and needs special education, the team develops an IEP for the student. The ultimate goals for students identified with an ID is that they are educated with the general education setting, engage in all learning activities from general education classes and teachers must accommodate the students as needed or modify the lessons as needed. Most of the students end up in a general education class if they have shown significant progress and is able to function with the other students in the classroom. The goal is to get them with the general education teacher and class to function like normal students. Some students are ridiculed and picked on because other students believe they have a problem and should not be in a class with them. Students with ID have learning difficulties and teachers sometimes find it difficult to teach the students when they have attitudes because they do not want to be in a special education classroom and they are unable to interact with others as normal students would and this makes learning difficult for the child and teacher. The teacher has to create lesson based on the needs of the students and

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