Meaning And Social Consequences Of Domestic Violence In The Family

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Assignment # 2 the family
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is defined as aggressive or violent behavior within the home, this includes child abuse, elder abuse and intimate partner abuse. Agencies have broken these up into categories, to be better able to research, understand and treat, within this essay we will concentrate on intimate partner abuse. When we look at intimate partner abuse we need to evaluate the four main categories and study the meaning and social consequences individually, to better understand the patterns associated with each. First, we start with common couple violence, a common form resulting in arguments that do not escalate, get physical or cause injury, this is the most common type. Next, we have intimate terrorism,
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There is an increase in shelters, hotlines and programs designed to help and protect women and children, who are leaving abusive relationships. The growth of women’s economic stability and acceptance of divorce has allowed women to leave and not be subject to social judgment. One of the most positive effects in lowering abuse might be, the court systems, policies and procedures followed. Civil protection orders (no contract order) have been useful in protecting victims from their abusers. Along, with mandatory arrests for domestic violence reports to police, meaning one of the parties involved in a DV call will be going to jail. This gives victims the time they need, along with support of the police to press charges or gain protection orders. Another attempt in lowering abuse is, the installation of domestic violence courts, which specialize in domestic violent cases and all involved are sensitive to victim’s wellbeing. Community support and agencies have made it possible for women and children to flee dangerous situations. The YMCA offers family justice centers, which have a team of officers, detectives, prosecutors and advocates all under one roof to provide support to …show more content…
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