Meagan Nelson Article: The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

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The Health Benefits of Chocolate Chocolate has become one of the most reputation dessert and flavors in the world. In Meagan Nelson article “A Chat About Chocolate” (2016), chocolate was mentioned as “The Food of the Gods”, the first cacao beans were found by the ancient Mesoamericans in the tropical rainforest of Central America fermented (Meagan, 2016). Besides tasting good, Chocolate have many benefits for people which affect health, beautiful and nervous system. Over the years, it seems that many people think about chocolate as unhealthy food since it contains substantial amount of fats and sugar, of which a substantial intake could easily lead to obesity and diabetes. Nevertheless, scientists have found that chocolate has many nutritious substances that can help boosting health. Regular dietary intake of plant-derived foods and beverages reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate, has many beneficial values to health system. According to a recent discovery, cocoa contains a chemical called polyphenol which support cardiovascular health by lowering bad cholesterol (low-density …show more content…
Like coffee, chocolate contains caffeine, but at much lower grade that does not cause addiction or insomnia. Hendrik J. Smit, in his analysis “Methylxanthines are the psycho-pharmacologically active constituents of chocolate”, claimed that stimulant substances in cocoa, much similarly to caffeine and theobromine, may be the key reason for which cocoa is capable of improving brain function in the short termand “cognitive function were found for cocoa powder and the caffeine, theobromine combination versus placebo” (Smit, H.J.,2004). The suggestion was that when one is under stress or tired of work pressure, enjoy a chocolate bar will help boosting mood

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