Essay about Mcdonalds Is The Largest Fast Food Chain Feeding Customers

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Anywhere you travel in the world there will be some type of restaurant for you to eat while visiting there. Most of the time they are not the same restaurants you eat at back in your hometown unless you are eating at a McDonalds. McDonalds is the largest fast food chain feeding customers in about 32,000 restaurants in 119 different countries (McDonald’s Overview). Two brothers by the names of Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald started this business in 1940 in San Bernardino, California (McDonald’s Overview). After some trouble in 1948, they decided to change things up. They did this by creating an assembly line and narrowing down their menu to make things faster and cheaper to attain more customers (McDonald’s Information System, 2012b). This was a system that would change their lives forever. According to McDonalds Information System (2012b), “McDonald’s company employed around 1.7 million workers. For the fiscal year 2008, the total revenue posted by the firm was $22.6 billion. The operating income of the firm accounted to $6.51 billion while the net income was $4.31 billion. The total asset of the company for the year was $29.2 billion. Finally the total equity posted by the corporation was $13.2 billion.” With the data revealed it should be evident that the owners of McDonalds had many information systems in place to make their business successful. As Roberts, Campbell, and Vijayasarathy (2016) state, “Information systems (IS) that support business intelligence and…

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