Essay about Mcdonalds in South Africa

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• Introduction : McDonalds was started in Illinois, USA by Mr A Krog, who had a vision for a value added, family orientated, clean fast-food outlet providing efficient and friendly service. Anywhere in the world one goes, one can expect the same high quality food with menus that are easily recognisable and trusted, whether you are in Thailand, London, Australia or Namibia. MCDONALDS OLD FORD ROAD, DURBAN is a sit-in and drive-thru fast food outlet which is situated in a central, easy access location. They have been open since 1998 and have been operating successfully and profitably ever since. It has seating for more than 100 customers and provides a choice of seating either indoors or outdoors. It also has a
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McDonalds have to adhere to public safety regulations by providing more than one exit in case of any emergencies, for example fire. There also have to be a stipulated number of fire extinguishers that are easily visible. There has to be a fully stocked first-aid kit that is also easily visible in case of injuries.

Workers of McDonalds must be fully versed with the Shops and Offices Act, which stipulates their rights in terms of hours worked, leave due, sick leave, overtime pay and grievance policies. A copy of the Shops and Offices Act must be displayed on their premises.

There are also laws prohibiting the use of environmentally hazardous packaging and McDonalds strictly utilises only environmentally friendly paper bags and cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags and polystyrene when presenting fast foods. Government and Legislation have a definite impact on the way McDonalds do business.

• Technological Dimension

Technology has a major impact on any company or business, no matter what industry it operates in. Technology assists with improving and speeding up the processes and services to the public, innovates advertising methods, new machinery to streamline processes and new management methods and tools.

Influence/Impact :
Technology assists with mass advertising and McDonalds makes extensive use of the medium of television to bring across the message of their product availability, to capture their core audiences – which

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