Essay about Mcdonald 's ' Ba - I 'm Lovin ' It?

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Ba-da-ba-ba-ba I’m lovin’ it. This popular slogan is known worldwide and brings consumers of all shapes and sizes through the golden arches of McDonald’s. The highest targeted age group that we should be worried about the most is the kids of today’s generation. What are we really feeding them when we are purchasing the hamburger happy meal or even the chicken nugget happy meal? The magic words right there are ‘happy meal’. What kids really want are the action figures, barbie dolls, cool toys, and all that fun stuff disguising the unhealthy food. Some parents may not realize it, but these products of the fast-food restaurant are a leading cause to childhood obesity and other numerous long-term illnesses. I just hope you love eating some good old dimethylpolysiloxane because that is what we are letting people consume, which by the way is also an ingredient found in silly putty. I highly believe that parents should stop bringing their kids to McDonald’s because it is not safe to eat and it contains low-quality ingredients. First off, I will demonstrate how a good CEO is faithful and loyal to his or her company; which is exactly how McDonald’s CEO, Don Thompson, is towards his beloved fast-food chain. Thompson denies any claims made by consumers and health critics that McDonald’s food leads to childhood obesity. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Thompson says “I am a parent of two children. I know what my kids eat. I would bring my kids to McDonald’s then and I would bring…

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