Essay about Mcdonald 's An Fast Food Restaurant

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It has only struck me now how important McDonald’s has truly been in my short lived life. In general, fast food restaurant’s are always thought of as the place everybody congregates to when they need to eat something that is quick and inexpensive. But when nearly everybody in this country will go at least once in their life, it gives you the opportunity to see all the types of people in this world, good and bad. I’m fortunate, or unfortunate enough to have gone to one many times in my life, and in doing so, there have been moments where my family and I would have quite interesting experiences in the stained, poorly maintained restaurant known as McDonald’s. There was one odd moment in particular that made me fear the golden arches for a few years though. I was exactly years and a half old, and all of the family had piled into our minivan home which just got engraved with a curved, black streak across the side from when I accidentally scraped my bike handlebars on it. We were coming home from watching some play in Boston, and it was nearing the end of the day in late summer. I especially remember how blue the sky was at that hour and how I could see the moon glowing in the middle of it all.
We rolled off the highway and my father told us in his usual thick Japanese accent that they are getting us McDonald’s for dinner as a treat for being good on that day. I was animated. It’s been too long since the last time I went, making sure to remind him that I wanted the happy…

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