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Table of Contents Acknowledgement 3 Executive Summary 4 1 Company’s Corporate and Marketing Objectives 6 2 Situation Analysis 7 2.1 External Environment 7 2.1.1 PESTLE Analysis 7 2.1.2 Competitive Audit 10 2.2 Internal Environment 11 2.2.1 Internal Environment 11 2.3 Goods or Services Continuum 14 2.4 Services Characteristics 14 2.4.1 Intangibility 14 2.4.2 Heterogeneity 15 2.4.3 Perishability 15 2.4.4 Inseparability 15 2.5 Core and Peripheral Elements 15 2.5.1 Core Elements 16 2.5.2 Supplementary Elements 16 2.6 Bundle of Benefits Offered 19 3 Customer Analysis 19 3.1 Target Marketing 19 3.1.1 Geographic Segmentation 20 3.1.2 Demographic Segmentation 20 3.1.3 …show more content…
The McDonald’s Corporation is one of the worldwide quick service restaurant chains. They sell primarily hamburgers, nuggets, French fries, ice cream, carbonated drinks and more recently salads, fruit and carrot sticks. They operate and franchise restaurants all over the world with over 30,000 restaurants in more than 119 countries, serving about 50 million people every day. The business was founded in 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald’s in San Bernardino, California (The New York Times 2011). In Singapore, the first outlet was opened at Liat Towers in Orchard Road. Today, over 110 McDonald’s restaurants across the island serve 1.2 million customers every week and 7,000 employees keep the McDonald’s restaurants running ship-shape (McDonald’s Company Profile 2011).
McDonald’shas five marketing objectives which the first is to be profitable in their business. McDonald’sas large corporation must remain profitable to cover all their fix and variable cost and stay in business. One of the ways is McDonald's offers quality products at a price that meets its consumers' demands. Ironically, McDonald's has remained profitable, even during global recessions, by offering a cheap alternative to sit-down meals (Aubrey Warshaw 2011).
Second is Customer Satisfaction. Customer loyalty is an important objective of McDonald's. Without customer loyalty, there would be a

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