Mcdonald- a Case Study Essay

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McDonald’s vision is to be a fast-food restaurant with the best service in the world. To achieve this vision, McDonald’s has always guarantee the quality of products, provide outstanding service, offer the hygiene and safety of food products as well as other added values . For McDonald’s, every customer’s smile is the most important thing.
* Being the best company for all of our employees in every community around the world * Delivers services with superior operational system for each our customers in every branch of McDonald's restaurants. * Keep progressing in a favorable direction a brand, as well as continuing to develop operational systems McDonald's toward better through innovation and technology. *
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This pricing strategy of McDonald’s corporation is very reliable and unique. While fixing the price McDonald’s takes some factors in consideration like local life style, income of the family, location etc. The time of fixing price for the products, they also focus on the primary target group of the company, lower and power level. McDonald’s enters in most of metropolitan city of the country in which it enters.Sometime during period of lean time company offers discounted price to boost their sell in short McDonald’s corporation believes that to stay longer life in the market we should have unique pricing policy.

3. Advertising/Promotional strategies:
Advertising is the other platform to the company by the help of which company introduce their product, boost to the customers etc. every organization have their unique and own promotional strategies. Other than advertisement, McDonald’s corporation uses more promotional tools to promote their product. Company offers their product at law price; it gives toys to the children etc. most successful promotional strategies became very popular now days. McDonald’s has for decades maintained an extensive advertising campaign. In addition to the usual media (television, radio, and newspaper), the company makes significant use of billboards and signage, sponsors sporting events.

4. Social responsibility
Social responsibility creates positive image in the mind of customer. McDonald’s

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