Mcdonald's Operations and Supply Chain - a Sustainable Edge Essay

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This report will address the constant striving of sustainability throughout the operations and supply chain used by McDonald’s, thus providing a competitive advantage in a dynamic and volatile environment. Consumption at the detriment to the environment - that which was once accepted by society as common practice, has since migrated to greener thinking, urging companies like McDonald’s to implement sustainable practices throughout their operations and supply chains, and working to align business needs to societal and environmental needs.

This shift of consumers to go green, has forced McDonald’s to include a sustainable
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McDonald’s is notably one of the greatest garbage producers in the world and over the years, has received a lot of flak for it. To stay ahead of its game (and a public flogging), it has implemented sustainable practices into its operations and supply chains, which has deemed itself a continuing success for the company, starting with the switch from Styrofoam to paper containers following public concern (Chandrashekar et al 1997).
A McSustainable Supply Chain:
In the pursuit of sustainability across its supply chain, McDonald’s has developed a scorecard which is used to measure supplier environmental performance for water, energy, waste and emissions. They also have a Sustainable Land Management Commitment which requires that its suppliers only use agricultural raw materials for the company’s food and packaging that originate from sustainably managed land (Marine Stewardship Council 2011). Source: McDonald’s 2010
McDonald’s also has a Sustainable Supply Steering Committee, which is responsible for leading the company to achieve long-term growth in profits through a sustainable supply in all areas of the world (McDonald’s 2010). It encompasses Economic, Social and the Environment, ensuring that all its suppliers adhere to a global Code of Conduct for Suppliers, outlining minimum set requirements. This is encompassing the six-sigma approach of

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