Mccandless: A Brief Summary

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Wayne Westerberg’s was stressed about being shorthanded on work, because Chris McCandless did not come. McCandless spent four weeks in Carthage, where he worked simple, yet gritty jobs. McCandless befriended Gail Borah, Westerberg’s on-again off-again girlfriend, though he was hesitant at first. McCandless revealed that he left because he had repeatedly clashed with his father and his parents did not take him seriously. In contrast, McCandless was friendly with most people in Carthage and showed some interest in the women there. Westerberg was understaffed in mid-April, but McCandless was absolutely set on leaving. Before he left, he met with Westerberg's mother and they were instantly friendly with each other. The day before he left, Westerberg's …show more content…
Jim Gallien had seen the headline about the dead hiker and immediately called the troopers to inform them that he knew who the hiker was. While the troopers were initially skeptical due to the large amount of false reports, they were gradually more convinced by Gallien’s stories and descriptions of McCandless’s equipment. When the troopers developed the hiker’s film, they saw indisputably that that was Chris McCandless. They searched for a person named McCandless in South Dakota, but that was a false lead. Wayne Westerberg had discovered the news about McCandless over the radio station talking about the hiker. He called the Alaskan State Troopers to volunteer McCandless’s information. the troopers were being swamped by even more sources so initially they did not believe him. Westerberg told them his social security number and real name. Eventually, McCandless’s family received a phone call about Chris. They had not previously connected the story of the hiker with Chris. Sam McCandless went to the Fairfax County Police Department and identified Chris from a picture. Walt McCandless remises about his family and Chris as a

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