Essay Maxwell 's Museum Of Anthropology

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Maxwell’s Museum of Anthropology was a rather interesting museum that holds plenty of material culture backed by really interesting information. I recently had the opportunity to visit Maxwell’s Museum of Anthropology on November 26, 2016 and it was quite the wonderful and informative experience. Maxwell’s Museum of Anthropology holds rather interesting material culture, such as preserves from archaeological sites as well as artifacts that primitive individuals had used to hunt and gather as well as to cultivate their land. One of the most interesting portions of the museum had to have been the ancient preserves as well as the realistic excavation site. Additionally, the anatomies of primitive species had really interesting and quite creative features, such as how joints functioned in comparison to hinges as well as how grips differed between human evolutions as well as how chewing has adapted for more elaborate meals. The material culture was also really interesting; the main preserves that had caught my eye were the hunting and cultivation equipment such as the points, the atlatl, and digging stick. Furthermore, the Mimbres bowls were fascinating because it shows how creative and intelligent ancient individuals were due to how art was still in its infancy and how these individuals used their resources to their advantage, as well as how individuals made several products just using the yucca plant. However, after my experience at the bipedalism and human anatomy exhibit, one…

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