Max Weber's Bureaucratic Theory Was Applied To The Nixon Presidency?

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How did he apply it to the Nixon Presidency?
Weber Bureaucratic theory was applied to Nixon Presidency by Max Weber, idea of bureaucratic management. Weber studied ways in which businesses can run a more formal structure to organizations and how that can benefit society. The government of the United States is an example of a bureaucratic management organization. It consists of powerful, fixed and organized offices. Weber fashioned the idea of bureaucratic management where administrations “are more authoritative, rigid and structured”. (Hartzell) “Weber's theory of bureaucratic management also has two essential elements. First, it entails structuring an organization into a hierarchy. Secondly, the organization and its members are governed by
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Each element helps an organization to achieve its goals.” (Grimsley) The United States of America has established characteristics that resembles Weber’s bureaucratic theory. Our government has adapted similar style of managing. It consists of the President, elected by the citizens to the highest point in the hierarchy and the elected members of the three branches of government. They assist in implementing laws and policies that all U.S citizens must adhere, including the highest point in the ladder, the president of the United States of America. Weber’s bureaucracy theory was applied to the Nixon Presidency because he attempted to use the top-down approach in the Watergate scandal that he was involved in. In Weber’s bureaucracy theory there is a “clear chain of command and control focused from top down, intended to meet the organizational goals”. (Grimsley) Our government has established laws and policies to ensure that even though an individual or representative of our government must respond to the level above it. These laws cannot be broken while doing it; furthermore, any action and request must be done to meet the organization goals not the individual’s …show more content…
He was involved in a scandal called the Watergate scandal. In 1973, the national democratic headquarters was burglarized. After a detailed investigation, it was revealed that some of the participant in the incident were former employees of our government agencies, such as the C.I.A and the republican party aides. Further investigation confirmed that they were not there to burglarize the office, instead they were there to installed high-tech surveillance devices. The investigation concluded that the group have been involved in years of stealing confidential documents and snooping in the Democrats campaigns the year prior. President Nixon was interrogated in his involvement in the matter, due to his republican affiliation and the benefits of the information’s to his presidential campaign. He denied all knowledge of his participation, until the tapes of his conversation in the Oval Office surfaced, and the scandal began to unfold. President Nixon attempted on several occasions to use his status in the hierarchy for his personal protection. He requested several times for the tapes not to be released and that the conversations in questions not to be exposed and protected under executive privilege. Fortunately, one of the essential elements of Weber’s theory, “the organization and its members are governed by clearly defined rational-legal decision-making rules”, (Grimsley) prevailed and

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