Essay about Maurice Ravel Composed The Piece Ravel

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1) Maurice Ravel composed the piece Ravel: Bolero. In this version it is being conducted by Daniel Barenboim and performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
00:00 Starts off at pianississimo with just a drum and a pluck of a single cord continuously playing creating the beat for the whole piece. There is a slow tempo at this point.
00:12 What seems to be a woodwind instrument comes in at this point, preforming the main part that seems to be played over and over again throughout the whole piece. The woodwind instrument being played is believed to be a flute or clarinet. The sound of this composition is nice and air like, all flows together very nicely.
01:00 The first woodwind instrument goes out and anther one starts playing the same part, not quite sure what this instrument is.
01:51 The original woodwind instrument comes back in and the other one leaves, again playing the same part as before. The tempo seems like it has picked up a little bit here.
06:54 There is more than one instrument playing at this time, one of the instruments is believed to be a piccolo. It seems that the pitch up until and including this point is a high pitch.
07:47 Multiple of the same instrument start playing the same thing which is what has been being played over and over again through the whole composition. The whole song has been very slowly becoming louder, creating a very slow crescendo.
09:26 Multiple instruments, all different, playing the same part. The composition is still at a slow…

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