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On August 21st, 1904, one of the world’s greatest jazz musicians was born. This great musician was known as William Count Basie. He was born in Red Bank, New Jersey, where he became a pianist and a player of vaudeville based entertainment. Basie ultimately formed his own big band that had many hits, for example: “Blue Skies” and “One O’Clock Jump.” Basie’s band and music helped to define the ‘swing’ era. He became the first African American male to receive a Grammy Award. Throughout his years he’d worked with a variety of different artists and had won countless other Grammys. Unfortunately, his life came to an end in Florida on April 26th, 1984. To begin with, Count Basie was born to Harvey Lee, a mellophonist and Lillian Basie, a pianist …show more content…
It was titled "Blue Balls." The radio broadcaster inquired as to whether the band would play the tune yet said he couldn't utilize that title reporting in real time. He recommended, since it was nearing one a.m., "One O'clock Jump." “The title stuck, and not only did the now-forgotten announcer dream up the tune’s title, he was the first to call Basie “Count.””(Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (One O'clock Jump), n.d.) This record was his statement piece, his announcement that Basie Band has arrived. “One O’clock Jump” was the band’s theme song. They utilized this song in every one of their concerts ending with it.

0:04: Basie begins on the piano, with the same beat being played with his left hand. These patterns are reminiscent of boogie-woogie piano. The other member slowly come in trying to get a feel of where the fall into the song.
0:11: With his right hand, Basie comes in with the blues chorus, as the leader of the melody. His rhythm section has now found their place and following Basie on the piano. Freddie Green on the acoustic guitar is following Basie’s left hand at this

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