Matsushita And Sony Product Life Cycle Essay

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Difference between Matsushita and Sony products

Matsushita products are considered more functional. Their company focuses on a customer intimate approach. Sony, unlike Matsushita, is considered a product leader. Their goods are innovative and highly technical. Since Sony is constantly coming out with new technologies, they are able to sell their prices higher than other companies. Other companies attempt to imitate Sony’s products and produce them at a lower manufacturing cost which lowers the costs of their products to consumers. Matsushita products, on the other hand, aren’t able to increase their prices to consumers since they aren’t as high end and demanding to produce. Their products have low demand uncertainty which means that they have a more predictable demand. Sony, on the other end, has high demand uncertainty which makes it challenging to forecast their products lifespan. Because of this, Sony’s products have a short product life cycle.

Difference between Matsushita and Sony supply priorities

The difference between the company’s priorities are that Matsushita wanted to move their supply chain so they could reduce their manufacturing costs and Sony wanted to move to Japan so they could reduce their cycle time. Matsushita wanted to move their supply chain so they wouldn’t suffer from any more embarrassing losses. Since Chinese producers work as original equipment manufacturers they have a competitive advantage. Because of this, Chinese producers are easily…

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