Definition Of Feminism Essay

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According to different social structure theses have been put forward regarding the status of women within the historical process. One of the most popular of these is the patriarchal / patriarchal society structure of matriarch / matriarchal. Particularly, women were regarded as masters of power and power in the matriarchal period in the hunter-gatherer society when they were in a more prestigious position. In the patriarchal / patriarchal period where agriculture was dominant, power and power which were ruled.
The feminist controversy is closely related to the position of the patriarchal / patriarchal society in which the influence of women continues even nowadays, in a critical fashion. Some individuals consider that
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According to him, women can not be joined together like a working class. Because the bond that binds the woman to her oppressor is not like the other bonds. Equality between men and women is a fundamental unity in which two parts fit tightly together. Society can not be divided into two separate genuses. The woman, the two parts, is a "Other" entity in a necessary whole. This is a basic element that determines the character of the woman.
Unlike Beauvoir, Luce Irigaray means that the human species is divided into two species which provide fertility, fertility and fertility. Irigaray thinks that exploitation of women is caused by sexual difference. According to Irigaray, although the girls are fertilized with masculine sperm, only the boy who has the male form visually is seen as the holy child of the father.
Children who are not like babes (ie. women) are hidden in shame, forced to live behind the veil, and deprived of their identity as long as they do not correspond to the forms corresponding to masculine chromosomes (Irigaray, 2006: 48). values, we are often faced with the situation of this de-identification. Irigaray sees the way in which the woman is freed from this subordination and exploitation in the glorification of the gender of feminist subjects and the linguistic heritage of which they belong

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