Mathematics Modeling : A Real World Problem Essay

740 Words Nov 10th, 2016 3 Pages
Mathematical modeling is a process where the mathematical knowledge, the skills and strategies that students already know are used to investigate and solve real world situations. Mathematics modeling in PreK-8th grade starts out with a real world problem. The teacher no longer plays the role of teacher, but more so a facilitator, that guides the students into what tools and strategies they already know, that would help them solve the problem given. These problems or situations or tasks, are not just random textbook questions. “Teachers should launch mathematical modeling problems from questions that children naturally ask about science, social studies, literacy, art, physical education, or music, which may occur during classroom activities or more casually in other settings (Levy, R., Zbiek, M., Galluzzo, B., Long, M, 2016).” I found a real-world situation dealing with geometry and area in the 3-5 grade band. The situation is “Tat Ming is designing square swimming pools. Each pool has a square center that is the area of the water. Tat Ming uses blue tiles to represent the water. Around each pool there is a border of white tiles. Below are pictures of the three smallest pools that he can design with the blue tiles for the interior and white tiles for the border (California Dept. of Education, 2015).” The questions then ask if there were 32 white tiles how many blue tiles would there be for the pool? Each tile has a side length of ten inches, what is the largest pool…

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